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12 Amazing Nails That Are Super Trendy Right Now

One of the hottest nails to try this year is light nails. Now, do you think of clear nails? It doesn’t sound very exciting. However, this trend has transformed the simple idea into a statement style! Now nail technicians create beautiful manicures in transparent acrylic. Longer clear nails are amazing, especially when worn with elegant nail art. To show how beautiful transparent acrylic nails can be, we’ve come up with 12 ideas that are super trendy right now. You’ll find shiny nails, floral art, unique designs and more. If you didn’t like this trend before, you will do it after.


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HTML Image as link Qries

The first nail design that we’ve got to show you is so glitzy and glamorous! Here we’ve long, clear nails that are adorned with silver shards, sparkles, and rhinestones. It is a stunning mani and it’s miles best for the women who like bling. You can recreate this or perhaps strive just clear nails with rhinestones.

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