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20+ Trendy Coffin Nails Design Ideas 2022

With such a lot of special nail shapes to be had it could be difficult deciding on the right one. One of our favorites is coffin formed nails. Coffin nails are long and have a straight, blunt edge on the top, unlike other popular nail shapes just like the stiletto. These nails nonetheless make a statement, but without the pointy, sharp end. Nails like these are exceptional for the women who want long nails that get noticed, but also need them to be a little sensible too. To provide you with some inspiration, we’ve found 20 beautiful nail art designs for coffin nails. There is something for anyone, from vibrant colors to manicures which can be diffused and stylish.


First up we have this gorgeous chrome coffin nail concept. The nails are a mild blue chrome with two accessory nails. One accent nail is glitter and the other features a mild ombre. Blue chrome looks so elegant and creates a statement nail filing. Recreate the whole appearance or perhaps simply use the chrome.

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